BFH Pest Management Programme

BFH Pest Management Programme

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Integrated pest management (IPM) is an approach toward pest risk management by utilizing proactive control methods. It requires a combination of pest exclusion practices that involve good sanitation and stacking procedures along with extensive monitoring. This program is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring that their unique pest challenges are addressed comprehensively. Our services are offered to any industrial facility required to meet existing HACCP standards, HALAL, GMP, ISO Compliance, and other internal or international standards. Our Pest Management Programme goes beyond traditional pest control. It integrates pest prevention, monitoring, and control to ensure that your facility not only meets but consistently maintains these stringent standards. With our expertise and customized approach, you can trust BFH’s pest control service provider to help you safeguard your operations, protect your reputation, and achieve compliance effortlessly.


BFH will compile systematic document file. It keep for easy reference during audit and when further action is required:

Content of the systematic document files:

  • Initial survey report and recommendations
  • Scope of pest control services
  • Layout plan indicating the treatment area and monitoring points.
  • Services checklist
  • List of approved pesticide uses and copies of SDS.
  • List of trained and authorised BFH services teams.
  • Trend analysis report

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Why Choose Our Pest Management Programme?

Our goal is to provide you with the best pest control services in Malaysia, offering convenience, effectiveness, and peace of mind. Say goodbye to pest worries and hello to a pest-free environment. Our Pest Management Programme sets us apart from other pest control services in Malaysia. It involves two essential components:

Initial Assessment and Treatment

Our expert team will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify existing pest issues. We will then create a tailored treatment plan to eliminate these pests swiftly and effectively.

Regular Maintenance

Prevention is key. Our pest control service provider team will implement scheduled maintenance visits to ensure your property remains pest-free. We understand that different seasons bring different challenges, so we adapt our strategies accordingly.

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  • Collaboration
  • Participation
  • Responsibility
  • 2 Way communication
  • Regular Reviews & Evaluation for Improvement
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  • Exclude pest entry points
  • Inspection before allowing product entry
  • Pest Awareness Trainings
  • Recommendations
  • Exclude harbourage
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  • Inspection
  • Monitoring
  • Integrated treatment methods
  • Chemical and Non-chemical Solutions
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  • Regular thorough cleaning
  • High hygiene standard
  • Eliminate food and water source
  • Proper stacking and stock  arrangement, for easy cleaning and inspection

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