CONTRO 45 Insect Light Trap

CONTRO 45 Insect Light Trap

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Professional Insect Light Trap System one of the largest catch area. The extra large catch area dissolves the problem of limited catch capacity

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This Contro 45 series is a dream to service, positive in catering client that wishes to meet certain international standard such as HACCP, GMP and AIB and etc…

The unit is a system based on integrated pest management concept, specially designed to cater for the need. Ideal for use in food production and preparation areas and provide outstanding protection from flying insects.

Fitted three powerful 15 watts UV tubes provide stronger attraction power to flying insects and strategically positioned full-size Sticky glue boards.
The unique stainless steel cover reduces the glaringness and hence giving it a soft and graceful appearance of the units.

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Compatible products

Sticky Pads :
Fly Sticky Pad Type 2 – Black / White
UV tubes :
-UV Tube – 15w – Hitachi
-UV Tube – 15w – Shatterproof

Technical Specifications

Type : Wall Mounted
Material : Stainless Steel & Steel with Powder Coated
Dimension : 295 x 500 x 75 mm
Weight : 5 Kgs
Coverage : 180 m2
Electrical Input Voltage : 220 – 240V
Sticky Pads : Fly Sticky Pad Type 2 – Black / White
UV tubes : 3 x 15 watts
Warranty : Two ( 2 ) years