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Several different type of Rodenticide bait containers or “Bait Station” are used in the pest management industry, we called it Tamper-Resistance Rat Bait Station or TRBS. TRBS may be apply at internal or external of the building for public area, large commercial food store, grocery store, shopping mall, zoological, food processing plant, pharmaceutical facilities and warehouse.

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The purpose of TRBS is apply rodenticide in a location out of reach of public,children, pets, and non target wildlife. This TRBS must be locked the rodenticide from public and resistance to the destruction by dogs and children under 6 years old age. And the second reason is TRBS create a food stock to long term supply slow action rodenticide to the rats.

TRBS XW is using Polypropylene material with the size 240mm Length X 215mm width X 97mm Height. 560gm in weight. It can last for sun light UV attack for 2 years every day.

Technical Specifications

Material: Polypropylene
Dimension: 240mm x 215mm x 97mm
Weight: 560gm


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