Termite Monitoring Station With Key Lock & Luring Wood

Termite Monitoring Station With Key Lock & Luring Wood

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Termite Inground Monitoring Station features a significant volume of internal space for bait matrix placement, ensuring there is an ample quantity present to eliminate a termite colony rapidly. the tightly sealing lid and lack of opening at the upper sides of the station reduce the likehood of regular ants occupying it.

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A pair of termite attractive timber inserts produced from freshly-milled Eucalyptus Delegatensis/E.regnans occupy the base of the station. Here the station has large to openings to ensure maximum opportunity for foraging termites to enter the station. The channels and grooves machined into the insert mimic real termite galleries, further enchancing their entry into the station.

Technical Specifications

Type: With locking system & Key
Material: polypropylene
Dimension: 152mm diameter x 280mm
Colour: Green